17th Annual Show

November 4th, 5th & 6th, 2022

Featuring: Hit & Miss Engines

We can’t wait to see everyone!


(Changes will be made to schedule as we get things ready for the show)


9:00am: Stores Open

12:00pm: Mid Day Whistle

2:00pm: Plowing

3:00pm: Cat Demo in the Field

5:00pm Stores Close

Dusk: Spark Show


9:00am: Stores Open

11:00am: South Ridge Bluegrass Band

12:00pm: Mid Day Whistle

12:30pm: Parade of Power

1:00pm: Tractor Pull/OTTPA

1:00pm: Pedal Tractor Pull

1:30pm: South Ridge Bluegrass Band

2:30pm: Plowing

3:00pm: Pedal Tractor Pull

3:00pm: Money in the Haystack

4:00pm: South Ridge Bluegrass Band

4:00pm: Cat & IH Demo in the Field

5:00pm: Stores Close

Dusk: Spark Show


9:00am: Stores Open

9:30am: Church

11:00am: Parade of Power

12:00pm: Mid Day Whistle

1:00pm: Cat Demo in the Field

2:00pm: Plowing

5:00pm: Stores Close


  • Admission: Due to the rising cost of everything we are having to increase our admission price to $15.00 a day, $25.00 for 2 days, $35.00 for a 3 day pass. Please wear your bands. There will be no drop off and then park. Please park and if you need help getting to the gate, someone can pick up and take you through the gate.

Important Information:

  • Golf carts are for staff and handicap only, please. If you would like to rent a Golf Cart for the show you will need to call The Golf Cart Guy @ 919-465-3227.
  • There is no camping in the parking field. We will have a limited amount of area for camping but we let those working and showing have first chance at them. The camping is self-contained only.
  • There is no auction this year.
  • Tractor Pull-OTTPA, Inc will be the host. Come sign up and give it a try. If nothing else, come to watch.
  • We can’t have a tractor show without tractor games, so look for those too!